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The PIC18F/16F Mini Dev-Board/UDB shield is a compact and versatile development board designed for the multiple PIC18F/16F 40 pin Microcontrollers. The board features IC base for 40 Pins PIC microcontrollers, along with all necessary components such as crystal oscillator, capacitors, and resistors.  It provides a convenient platform for prototyping and testing various electronic projects when attached to Universal Development Board by Amotech Labs.

Below are the Major features of this board:

* Supports most of PIC18F/16F MCU (PIC18F458/452/4550/4580, PIC16F887A, PIC16F887)

* 2 Buttons for Digital Inputs.

*10k Pot/LM35 connector for Analog Input.

* 2 LEDs connected to Digital Pins for Output.

* Connector for 16×2 LCD Module

* On board USB C connector for powering it with +5V from mobile charging cable and adapter.

* On board PIC Kit3/3.5 Programming Connector.

* With on board UDB/Arduino Headers, it can be mounted on ‘Universal Development Board (UDB)’ for any Project Development.




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